Friday, November 05, 2010

"Nature Tree: February 12, 2010"
"Jrock Magazine article :P" 
"My thoughts on horror movies...birth date information if you were dying to know that stuff about me" 
March 3, 2010
"What is your grand plan now Nicodemus???" "Uhmmmmmm"
"Nic + Tara"
"Hot Chocolate"
"Bucket Head"
"Rock til you Die!!!" (Very old :p)
"Water Dragon" (Looks like graphic art but it is really sketched out and i did stuff to it on paint :p)

"Lena Horne"

"Howes Family Dragon" 
"The Joker ♥"

"The Howes Family Dragon Sketch" 
"Homeless Woman of the Great Depression" (Currently in Mr.Steins room at Vista Murrieta High School)
"My Guide"

"Nicodemus's Guitar Case"
"Brown Wolf"
"Creepy Bran Owl" (Does not look creepy in person :/ the scanner made him that way)
"Audrey Hepburn"

"Cobblepots' Ne Night Club" 
"Little Boo Loves Batman"
"Purple Barn"
"Color (2)"
"Color (1)"